Crystal Reports Crashes when Inserting a Field = Dual-Monitor Issue

This problem initially occurred a few months ago for what appeared to be no rhyme or reason.  Other users weren’t having this problem and it was specifically tied to one computer.  Naturally, the thing to do on a single incident like this was to not spend hours researching the problem and just uninstall/re-install with reboots in between to clear up any possible setup corruptions, which initially worked.

Unfortunately, it happened again… to the same computer… with the same user.  At this point you start thinking about what’s different between this user and the other users that are not experiencing this problem.  The OS was the same (Windows 7), all using 32-bit architecture, all using the same version of Crystal Reports.  Perhaps it was a user issue, and we know how amazingly honest users can be about what they did.  However, I watched every step she did and there wasn’t anything behavioral about this problem.

A bit of  searching lead to this thread:  While it dealt with a different version of Crystal Reports, what caught my attention was the fact that Crystal Reports does not support dual monitors.  I’ve run into a problem like this many times with dual monitors: a function within in application does not work for what appears to be no reason whatsoever, until you move the application to the primary window.  I had seen this with copy/paste functions, window display issues, scrolling problems, and now inserting a field in Crystal.  Once she moved Crystal to the primary monitor, the insert field function worked as expected.

The reason a re-install will work is because all applications default to opening on the primary monitor… until you manually move the application over to the other monitor.  Since Crystal was re-installed, it opened by default on the primary monitor and therefore the function performed as expected.  Once the user moved Crystal to the secondary monitor, the function caused the application to crash.

Now that we’ve figured that out, it all boils down to training staff to use Crystal Reports only within the primary monitor, which is sometimes harder to do than a re-install; old habits die hard.


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2 Responses to Crystal Reports Crashes when Inserting a Field = Dual-Monitor Issue

  1. Bob Rish says:

    Thank you (and the others who provided similar information) so much. This saved a lot of time, for what was not an obvious (to me) solution.

    • myke says:

      I’m glad this helped you out, Bob. This had me scratching my head until I found the thread mentioned in this post.

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