Microsoft KB2868116 – Very Slow Install Process

With today being Patch Tuesday, it’s time to get cracking on those systems.  Everything seemed fine for the most part, but one patch (KB2868116) gave me some issues on a few servers.  The specific issue is that it took over 45 minutes to install for some reason.  I’m not sure why or what causes this, but it’s something to take note of.

One system was a virtual machine that hosted a yet-to-be-used SQL server.  The other major time-stalled server was the server with Hyper-V that hosted the virtual machine SQL server.  Neither should have taken this long.  No events were logged in the event viewer to suggest an issue.  The Task Manager didn’t show anything too obscene in terms of system resources, although TrustedInstaller.exe did hit 100MB at one point.

Regardless, if you are planning on installing KB2868116, just plan accordingly.  Given what I went through, I would recommend installing all of the other updates, rebooting, then trying to install KB2868116 so that the system can attempt the installation with the caches flushed.  I’m not saying this will have an effect, but it is worth giving a shot.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: Thanks to the many people who commented on this post, apparently the culprit is Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP).  These users have stated that disabling SEP will allow update KB2868116 to install quickly.  While this is a very easy workaround for single instances, if you are deploying via WSUS, that’s a royal pain to deal with.  Should you be using WSUS, I would consider approving the update late on a Friday so that it will install over the weekend.  While the PC may still require a reboot, at least users won’t get stuck for almost an hour with a wicked slow computer.

EDIT: I’m not sure if this helped “unstick” the process or if it was just a coincidence, but on two servers where it took almost an hour to install said update, I tried to stop the installation by hitting the cancel or stop button.  About 5-10 minutes after doing that, the installation process stopped, but showed that 28686116 had installed.  After a reboot, I installed the remaining updates without a problem. Hitting cancel won’t help the process go along.  I akin it to waiting for a long time at a red light and then flashing your high beams thinking you made the lights change.


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27 Responses to Microsoft KB2868116 – Very Slow Install Process

  1. Skip says:

    I am installing KB2868116 right now and it has been “installing” for about a half hour now. I was just about to kill it. I am glad I saw your post that it took 45 minutes for you, so I will keep it running. Not glad that an update takes that long to install though.

    • Mike S. says:

      I completely agree, Skip. It would have been very nice for Microsoft to at least give a warning that the install process could take more than 30 minutes.

  2. Art Shapiro says:

    I figured it was hung (hanged?) and had terminated several attempts to install this patch. It was using most of a processor so I was sure this was an infinite loop. Every other machine I updated had it install quickly and without incident. We’ll give it another go tonight.

  3. Quazra says:

    I also having same issue. Forced the machine to restart and after hit start googling and saw your post, too late. I just blacklisted this update and don;t see any reason to deploy it. I consider most of updates official MS atttacks to the systems!

    • Mike S. says:

      From what I know of this update, it seems to only be more “helpful” than a security patch. The KB article says that it provides more content to error messages. Initially, I thought this was a great thing because “Unspecified Error” was always so helpful to begin with. Had Microsoft mentioned anything about this in the KB article (Known Issues), I probably would have delayed or at least planned around it.

      • gayle says:

        I tried letting it attempt to install for three hours. It never did.
        Also all three office 2007 updates this week
        Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2760588)
        Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (KB2760583)
        Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2760411)
        install then windows claims they are not installed and wants to install them again, and again, and again. The logs show successful installs. So much fun

      • Mike S. says:

        I just noticed that this morning. I even tried to reboot, but it’s still trying to offer the updates. Talk about a frustrating set of updates!

      • Mike S. says:

        Thankfully, we’re still on Office 2007 with only a few using 2010, so this doesn’t impact us. However, that’s a huge bummer for anyone with 2013 installed.

      • Mike S. says:

        Well there is a plus side to this: aside from being incredibly annoying, the updates are indeed installed. I tried to manually install the updates to see if maybe that was the case, but they won’t install because they are already installed. Checking through installed updates confirms this. A major plus (if you’re in the IT world) is that even if these updates install at their pre-determined time via WSUS, a reboot is not required since the updates will fail to install because they are already installed. This translates to less user complaints, mainly because they probably won’t even notice.

  4. gayle says:

    I tried to kill it also after 35 minutes. It won’t kill!!!!! I power cycled and it did some registry updates then finally booted. I am trying again. I’ll let it try all night. It just proves Microsoft does NOT test anything. They release it and see what people yell about. I think I need to brush up on my linux

  5. Gav says:

    I’ve seen the same across a number of systems, may be dependent on the system performance, on an i7 2.9GHz, 8GB, 64 bit, system took about 10 mins, other older systems appears to take longer.

    • Mike S. says:

      I thought the same, that maybe it was system specs, but one of the systems had two six-core 3.00 GHz CPUs, 32 GB of RAM, 64-bit OS, and plenty of HDD free space, so that theory didn’t quite fit. It’s kind of mind boggling, actually.

  6. Art Shapiro says:

    i tried it again. It took 100% of one processor for about a half hour, and seems to have ultimately installed. Considering the progress bar went fully to the right within a second or two, this is remarkably unexpected behavior.

  7. Spin says:

    I already killed it once about 30-40 minutes in before I found this thread. Trying it again. It’s unfortunate though because Windows keeps acting buggy and slow until I let it be and install this stupid thing. It’s so stubborn that it won’t cooperate until it gets its way. Microsoft–Always in SUCK mode.

  8. Karl L. Wuensch says:

    Took 75 minutes to install on my normally speedy six core system.

  9. Tom L. says:

    The update eventually installs on a I3 win7 home prem system. It runs 25% of the CPU and about 98.15 MB of memory for about 1 hr. It looks like it is in a loop looking for a memory address with a particular value. Looks like a hacker is trying to break into your PC.Probably goes faster with higher performance CPUs. Old Office 2007 not affected.

  10. Flashgeist says:

    I found that update KB2853952 was causing the system to be super slow at start up (for several minutes), Uninstalling this update solved my problem.

  11. jmd says:

    I had the same issue and after disabling my antivirus (Symentec Endpoint Protection) all has been installed succesfully.

  12. coredumping says:

    1h 15m for it to install in a Windows-7 KVM guest (single-core i7 @ 1.6Ghz). TrustedInstaller.exe maxed out at 100% CPU the entire time. Ended up clicking “Stop installation”, and within 5 min of that button click, Windows Update reported that it was installed.

  13. locker people says:

    All hail Mike! All hail Mike!
    You helped in preventing a heart attack here …

  14. Nathan T. says:

    I think it’s a conflict with Norton AV. I tried what jmd mentioned, and as soon as it disabled, the install went right through. Odd… didn’t see RTVScan taking up any time, but if that’s what fixes it I’ll take it.

  15. Hans says:

    Same here, it was a conflict with the antivirus software (Symantec). Disabled it and the update was done in less than 5secs!

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