KB2926765 – Long Install, High CPU Usage

And yet again, it is my displeasure to announce that I have encountered another recently released Microsoft patch which has caused me distress due to an incredibly long install time on some systems.  The patch this time around is KB2926765.  Most of the servers that this was installed on ran it without too much of a problem, but there were definitely some delays.  Just as in one of my other posts, things come to a crawling halt.  Sometimes the CPU usage was maxed, while other times it was only around 15%; notably, VMs tended to have the hardest time with this patch.

As noted in the previous post, some of those who left comments stated that SEP was the culprit.  Once this unfortunate process began, I tried disabling SEP.  That didn’t seem to make much of an impact on the systems which were currently installing the patch.  On the systems which still did not yet have the install process initiated, I disabled SEP and the installs seemed to go through quicker.  I’m starting to think that I just need to disable SEP at the beginning of every server patching.  Eventually (and I mean 30-60 minutes), the patch does install.  You just have to be patient, even if it means that the cleaning crew has already come, gone and shut out the lights, leaving you in the only lit room and all of the AC shut off.

Good luck with this patch, and if you happen to have any insight, please leave a comment.  Your contributions last time resulted in dozens of happy people posting here to thank us.

EDIT: I’d also like to include that you may experience an error code 80240016, stating that updates have failed.  This is the general error code for another installation was running while your system attempted to install another update.  What I found was that even though Windows Update declared that the updates failed, a reboot and recheck for updates will show that the installations were actually successful.


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5 Responses to KB2926765 – Long Install, High CPU Usage

  1. Glenn Mercer says:

    When I install this KB2926765, it crashes my Office 2013 suite (running on Windows 7), such that I can only get Office back by doing a system restore, running the Office 2013 removal fixit, and then re-installing Office. Sheesh.

  2. KB2871997 seems to have the same issue.

  3. Craig Lowen says:

    I had two W2K8R2 VMs stuck on installing KB2926765 for two hours (100% CPU the whole time). When I disabled SEP the installation finished immediately.

  4. Peter S. says:

    Disabling Symantec (during install) did indeed solve this issue for us.

  5. Reza Racer says:

    So I was having the same concerns installing this on a Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard physical box (not virtual). It had run for about 65 minutes and I know better than stopping Windows updates. Anyway, it eventually finished. However, just a note, this box does not have SEP or any other anti-virus for that matter so it was interesting that it still took so long.

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