About this Site

Purpose of the Useless Panda Tech Support Site

Throughout our time, we encounter tons of issues.  Some are easy to solve.  Some are difficult, but easy to research.  Other issues are confounded and perplexing to the point where you’d almost rather ram your head into a wall than deal with it any more.  The latter is difficult to search for and can be quite confusing at times.  That is what this blog* is for.  I have spent many years researching problems throughout the internet, and I figured it was time to start sharing my knowledge in the hopes that other people may not have to struggle as badly as I have at times.

I sincerely hope that any information in here is helpful to someone.  If even one person is helped from each entry, I’ll consider this a success.  If not, well at least I tried.

Who is this is?

My name is Mike.  How goes it?  I’ve been working in IT for over a decade, dealing with anything from web design, to help desk, to network administrator, to backup administrator, to fixing the coffee machine before the savages begin to pillage.  I wouldn’t consider myself to be an elite expert in each of these fields, but I am a professional.

I grew up in The Woodlands, TX (about 45 minutes north of Houston), but moved to Boston, MA in 2001 to attend college at Northeastern University, where I received my BS in Management of Information Systems in the College of Business Administration; it’s pretty much just a glorified computer geek.  My family in Texas is trying to get me to return, but there’s no chance I’ll ever want to do that.

I’m a big-time gamer for over 25 years, playing both on the PC and the Xbox 360 as well as some table-top games (currently Star Wars X Wing) and attend PAX East every year for the gaming experiences and the panels.  I built my last few computers from scratch and continue to evolve them as long as I have the funds to do so; it’s important to name each rig, and the current one is Serenity (browncoat tribute).  I also spend a lot of time working on computers for friends and acquaintances.

I’m a huge hockey fan (go Bruins!) and spend most of my time at work and then hanging out with my son.  When the wee lad goes to bed, I’m off to the games.  I’m also an avid cook and occasionally dabble in the art of homebrewing.  I also trip over shadows, patterns in the carpet, changes in color, and the occasional air particle.

Why the Useless Panda?

I had a co-worker who hated pandas.  Seriously, he hated them.  “They’re the most useless creatures ever.  The only reason they exist is because people think they are cute.”  This guy was awesome, a true good guy.  So in his honor, I’ve labeled this site Useless Panda Tech Support; I tried for “Useless Panda” but some guy already had it. I wrote him a haiku to express my dismay at his blank site, but I doubt it will be received.

*I kind of hate the idea of blogs.  Everyone seems to have one and most don’t have too much of a point, almost like it’s an addition to whatever social media they use; I also hate social media.  I also very much dislike when people refer to their profession as a blogger.


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