VisionTek Radeon HD4350 – Bad Fan on Heat Sink

Issue: An annoying and somewhat loud noise emanates from within the computer.  It’s pretty maddening to deal with unless you have the uncanny ability to block out such a disturbance.

Cause: The fan on the default heat sink of this model is poorly constructed.  VisionTek claims that dust buildup causes this, but I’ve seen a few units do this within a month and there really isn’t much buildup on it at all.

Solution: If you are within the 3-5 year warranty (depends on the device), get a hold of VisionTek Support ( or 1.866.883.5411) and request a replacement.

Recommendations: Depending on your situation, you may not need a fan on the heat sink.  We use these cards simply for dual monitors and nothing else; note that our office users are not graphic-intensive users.  Because I’m tired of dealing with their sub-par fans, I request silent heat sinks to avoid this problem in the future.

Unfortunately, VisionTek mixes their desire to quickly remedy the issue with their laziness to do it themselves by offering to send a new heat sink, but it requires your assembly and they do not provide the thermal paste; I don’t really see that as very professional on their part.  Because I’m a busy worker and also don’t want to risk voiding anything, I’d much rather prefer them to repair their own products; also, I don’t want a fan on VisionTek products, because they always seem to fail.  This means that you will have to go back and forth with VisionTek’s support via email for a couple of days politely stating that you want them to replace the silent heat sink.  It also means that you will need to send the part in for inspection before they can repair the card and return it.  I keep a spare card around so that the user is not kept from doing their work, because this process can take 1-2 weeks.

For the record, I’d like to state that any interaction I’ve had with an associate at VisionTek has been pleasant; they’ve never been rude or inconsiderate.  I just have an issue with their support protocol.