Outlook Prompts for Login Credentials for SharePoint

SharePoint can be a bit of pain to deal with, especially when you integrate it with other applications.  On occasion, I’ve run into an issue where you will receive a prompt for credentials every time that Outlook is opened.  Even checking the box to remember the password, this annoying box will continue to pop up.  Modifying the stored credentials in Windows does not fix the problem.  Sure, you could either enter your credentials and hit OK or hit cancel, but I’m not a fan of leaving issues unresolved.

I’ve seen many posts and comments in a myriad of forums that recommend following the instructions detailed in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943280/en-gb.  For some people it has worked; for others, it has not.  While I’m quite comfortable messing with the registry, I’d prefer a less invasive solution.  What I found works better is to add the SharePoint site to your list of intranets inside of Internet Explorer.  To do so:

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Open IE
  3. Click on Tools | Internet Options
  4. In the Security tab, select Local intranet in the zone box
  5. Click Sites
  6. Click the Advanced button
  7. Add the site to the list (e.g., sharepoint.domain.com)
  8. Close/OK out of all windows to accept the changes (obviously don’t hit cancel or X)
  9. Open Outlook



Microsoft Outlook – Operation Failed

And we have, yet again, another generalized error message from a program, of which the message says very little and explains even less.

This unfortunate error message only seems to pop up once in a blue moon; I literally only hear about someone getting it maybe twice a year.  What happens is that a user constructs an email and attempts to send it.  Upon hitting send, the dialogue box pops up with “Operation Failed” displayed.  You can close and save the email, but you’ll receive the same error every time you try to send the email.  There is only one resolution to this: construct a brand new email message.  This is the only solution; anything else I’ve tried fails miserably.

Typically, the user is not happy about this, because he/she thinks that they are going to lose all their work.  If the user copies and pastes the body contents of the original (faulty) into the new message, whatever is causing the problem does not get copied over.

Unfortunately, I have never found a reason why this happens.  Because the solution is quick and easy, I personally stopped caring and just fix it for users.